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Join Award – Winning Pizza Chef of Opera Wicklow 

Loris Santulli

For 8 Weeks of Professional Pizza Making

To Take Your Pizzaioli Skills To The Next level 

This course will cover all of the fundamentals that a professional pizzaiolo should know:

The tools of the trade, a knowledge of the different types of flour, the different types of dough, cooking, ovens, baking and more.

Through the guidance of Loris, you will learn hands on experience from the very first lesson.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1

Brief introduction of the teacher and fellow attendees

Presentation of the course

History of pizza making, pizza styles and working as a pizza chef


Lesson 2

Explanation of different flour types:

The grain, the varieties and their qualities

Basics of hands-on dough mixing (flour and water)


Lesson 3

The yeast (types, differences, uses)

Other ingredients (water, salt, fats)

Practice of hands-on dough mixing


Lesson 4

Recap of basics 

The equipment:


Dough mixers


Full process of hands-on dough mixing


Lesson 5

Dough Mixing 

Individual progress evaluations

Hands-on practice of dough stretching and cooking


Lesson 6

Full process from start to finish 


Lesson 7

HACCP training

Condiments, the full range

Hands-on pizza making


Lesson 8

Final pizza preparation 

Presentation of Degree 

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