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Trained In Italy
Perfected In Ireland

The word “Opera”, known mainly for the classical music genre and the theatres where it is performed, also refers in Italian to a work on a larger scale, to the product of a lifetime’s careful labour.

We do our best to reflect this with the authentic, delicious and healthy food we freshly prepare daily.

This ethos has flowed into building relationships with small Irish suppliers and gathering like-minded artisans, chefs, artists and bubbly personalities.

Our offering is simple in so far as we don’t seek to bathe ingredients in heavy sauces or to override or change their essence in any way. 

When we have beautiful produce, well grown and correctly sourced, we use them in our recipes in the simplest way to bring out their natural favour and beauty. 

Less is more.

If we can make something ourselves, we do

– breads, cakes, ready meals, porchetta, sausage rolls, pickles, and pizza of course –

the rest is carefully sourced from Ireland and Italy.

Diego & Maurizio


Baking is what we do! 

We started our journey supplying the greater Dublin Area with our baked goods and we still do!

With our onsite bakery we get to supply our own shop and still stay connected to our wholesale background.


We serve breakfast, lunch & dinner!

Open 7 Days a week!

Our menus are filled with firm favourites and seasonal specials sure to awaken your tastebuds… 

Our hand-tied porchetta and traditional Italian pizzas are current favourites on our menus.

Artisan Fare

Hand picked products from inspiring Irish businesses and a few Italian favourites too.

Our fare is continuously changing as we navigate the products that you need and want. 

Drop in to take a look at our current ranges instore.


In need of someone else to bake that cake or make that lasagna?

At Opera you can order cakes, bread, ready meals and more.

Contact us @ 0404 62313 for more info

Looking to stock opera patisserie?

Look to our sister company for all your wholesale needs.

For more information and stocklists email Giovanni at

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